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Aerial Yoga Family Retreat

Fly, move, play, stretch and relax together!


01.07.24 - 07.07.24

In an exciting week we will go on a journey of discovery together with a lot of joy in mindful movement. We playfully explore the versatile possibilities of the aerial cloth and experience the lightness of floating. This aerial yoga retreat is aimed at parent/child couples as a special addition to your family vacation. Of course, grandparents, aunts, etc. are also welcome as play partners. Adults with children aged 6 and over can take part. However, togetherness also depends on consciously spending time with ourselves. That's why we will divide ourselves into 3 aerial units. While the adults use their own time in the cloth, the children will go on yogic and playful adventure trips. With even more mindfulness and relaxation, we then return to our time together. Fly high...  In these aerial units the focus is on our solar energy. We will incorporate elements of classical Hatha Yoga, acrobatics, Pilates and partner yoga into our lessons. With the help of gravity, many exercises (asanas) from classic, ground-based yoga can be experienced in a completely new way and easier to master, so that even inexperienced pilots can enjoy their beneficial effects. Your body is supported by the aerial cloth and wrapped like in a cocoon, giving you a feeling of lightness, security and weightlessness. Being a swing in the air that feels like flying! - Dive in! Moon energy is the focus of our aerial relaxation units. In this variant, the cloth hangs low to the ground so that half of the body rests in the cloth while the rest of the body remains in constant contact with the ground. With slow and gentle movements, the otherwise difficult-to-reach ligaments are targeted directly at the base. This newly stimulated energy flow releases even deep-seated tensions and energetic blockages in the muscle and connective tissue. This gives your joints and spine a completely new freedom of movement. At the end of this week you will leave the island with a newfound lightness and deep relaxation!

This is included in the base price*:


3 parent/child aerial yoga units.


2 adult aerial units with parallel childcare (children's yoga, games and discovery and adventure trips).


Drinks, snacks and our YOGA VOLA geodome are available during the retreat.

1 dinner together and a surprise.


That is not included in the price:

The Training will take place on Corfu

06.05. - 13.05. Intense Aerial Teacher Training incl. Kids and Family (2, 5 or 8 days)

17.06. - 24.06. 
Intense Aerial Teacher Training incl. Kids and Family (2, 5 or 8 days)

09.09. - 16.09.
Intense Aerial  Teacher Training incl. Kids and Family (2, 5 or 8 days)

07.10. - 14.10. Intense Aerial Teacher Training incl. Kids and Family (2, 5 or 8 days)

Your vacation,
expression of your

You can also combine the basic retreat with a selection of our optional activities to create your very own, individual and unique retreat.

Sunset Corfu

That is not included in the price:


Food: All participants are generally responsible for their own food.The accommodations always have oneKitchen or cooking facilities. 


It is optionally possible to book breakfast externally on site. We are also happy to provide information about nearby shopping opportunities or help you choose a restaurant. InThere are many nice restaurants in the area for every budget.


Shuttle service from the airport: Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with contact for a shuttle bus or a private taxi from the airport to the bay. The journey takes approximately 1 hour.


Unsere optional zubuchbaren Aktivitäten

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