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Fly high -  Aerial Yoga, the special experience on your holiday on Corfu!


From April to October our offer takes place on Corfu.

YOA VOLA on Corfu beach
Aerial Yoga COrfu
Aerial Yoga*

30,- Euro per adult (90 min)

18,- Euro per child (90min)**

40,- Euro for a parent/child pair

       plus 10€  per additional person

80,- Euro for one Individual lesson (90min)

Thai yoga massage room
Thai Yoga Massage***

60min** for 60,- Euro


90min** for 80,- Euro

120min** for 110,- Euro

Aerial Yoga Corfu

Every summer we offer a series of selected and unique aerial retreats in Corfu.

Aerial Kids Cards
Teacher Training

Become an aerial yoga teacher for children and families with our teacher training in Corfu.

* Courses for adults and children, family yoga or parent/child lessons can be booked in German or English by individual arrangement.

**We want to make aerial yoga possible for as many children as possible and therefore keep our price as low as possible. It therefore differs significantly from our adult classes, although Aerial Yoga for children is just as intense.

** Please plan about 10 minutes in addition before and after your massage.


Would you like to book an aerial session directly or make an appointment for a Thai Yoga or Aerial Thai massage in Agios Georgios, Corfu? You can contact us directly here:

Aerial Yoga LOGO


You want to become an Aerial Yoga Teacher for children or train yourself in Aerial yoga, Aerial children's yoga or massage in a cloth (Aerial Thai)? 


From November to April we offer professional and intensive workshops, courses as well as our Teacher Training in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by individual arrangement. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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