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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient Eastern healing art based on Buddhist teachings that combines the elements of yoga, science of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

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Through versatile and dynamic techniques, flowing transitions and the rhythm full of touch and  movements are like a sacred dance between the recipient and the masseur.

Even if the word yoga appears in the description, this has nothing to do with the fact that you have to make an effort for it, but with the massage techniques used, such as stretching and stretching exercises, which were adopted from classic yoga.
The Thai Yoga Massage is a mixture of acupressure, stretching, energy work and meditation, in which your body and its energy lines are worked on through massaging and gentle to powerful mindful pressure.

Your metabolism will be stimulated by this full body massage and your body will be invited to detoxify. Your muscles are stretched and your body and mind can completely rest and relax.


A Thai Yoga Massage takes place on a soft mat on the floor, where you can lie down and relax in comfortable clothing.

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