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Aerial Yoga relax

Aerial yoga r
elax is a gentle alternative for all people who are not so flexible or prefer relaxation to an active workout.

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In this variation, the sling hangs low to the ground so that half of the body rests in the sling while the rest of the body remains in constant contact with the ground. With slow and gentle movements, the otherwise rather difficult to access ligaments are controlled directly at the base. This newly stimulated flow of energy releases even deep-seated tension and energetic blockages in the muscle and connective tissue. Joints and spine get a completely new freedom of movement.

The inner organs receive a gentle massage and the nervous system slides into deep and restful relaxation.
This type of Aerial yoga does not involve any inversions and is a wonderful way to ground yourself.

In my Aerial relaxation units I combine restorative elements, influences from Yin Yoga and elements of partner yoga and partner massage.

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