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Aerial Yoga (classic)

Aerial yoga combines elements of classic Hatha yoga, acrobatics, Pilates and partner yoga. Swinging in the air feels like flying.

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All exercises (asanas) are practiced in combination with a large, trapeze-like cloth that hangs from the ceiling and is individually adjusted to your body height.
Your body is carried by the aerial cloth and wrapped in a cocoon, giving you a feeling of lightness, security and weightlessness. 


In addition to improve flexibility and mobility and strengthening your own body and balance, Aerial yoga focuses on having fun together and enjoying movement. Passive and active elements are symbiotically combined in this form of Aerial yoga. You can place individual parts of your body in the cloth or move and relax completely in the cloth. Your muscles are stretched and strengthened in the individual exercises and receive a full-body workout that is easy on the joints, while the spine is stretched and relieved.


Aerial yoga is characterized by inverted postures and dynamic, playful movements that invite you to let go and hang out. With the help of gravity, many exercises (asanas) from classic, floor-based yoga can be experienced in a completely new way and mastered more easily, so that even inexperienced flyers can enjoy their beneficial effects.


In my courses, I attach particular importance to extensive relaxation units (beginning and end relaxation, meditative elements), which are coordinated with the respective intensity of a unit. So mind and body get their money's worth and you can gently return to the ground.

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