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Aerial Yoga for Families

These Aerial yoga classes are particularly about the spending times with each other. With a lot of joy in mindful movement, we go on a journey of discovery together. We playfully explore the versatile possibilities of the Aerial cloth and experience the lightness of floating.

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Detached from everyday life, we go to the level of children and maybe discover how much fun it can be to awaken your own inner child.

In this form of yoga, too, we alternate between elements of relaxation and movement. The hours are characterized by the playful development of individual exercises in the cloth (asanas), games, fantasy journeys, relaxation, mutual massages and a lot of time for togetherness in harmony. The parent/child yoga and family yoga is a wonderful way to introduce even the youngest to yoga, to consciously enjoy togetherness and to find relaxation together.

Of course, in addition to parents, aunts, grandparents, etc. are also welcome as play and sports partners. Adults with children from the age of 4 can participate.

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