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Aerial Yoga for Kids

Above all, Aerial yoga for children is a lot of fun! In addition, it strengthens self-confidence and trust, practices social behavior and promotes creativity and body awareness.

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Children's yoga is about teaching children the difference between tension and relaxation, making them aware of the opposites of movement and rest and experiencing the wholeness of body, mind and soul in a playful way.

Aerial yoga for children also works with a cloth hanging from the ceiling. When dealing with the cloths, the children have an immediate sense of achievement because the exercises (asanas) are easier than they look. Well-being and relaxation are easy in the towels. There are also games, breathing, sensory and coordination exercises and relaxation units with massages and dream trips.


While the smaller children go on fantastic journeys, the lesson is often embedded in a story, while the older children often have themed lessons.

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